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What is the ULTIMATE goal of your life?

The atheists, for example, intend to fertilize a piece of graveyard by their decomposed flesh. For Christians it's an eternal life with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. And what is the goal for the followers of Lazarev, who live for long-long/for only 1000-1100 reincarnations? What is the ULTIMATE goal?

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The attitude of Russian Orthodox Church to the books by S. Lazarev - new

Orthodox library 'Biblion' - the largest one in the Russian Internet! (texts, video and audio can be downloaded from there)

Photo 1, Photo 2 (What's in his eyes? Divine Love?)

'The Diagnostics of Karma by Lazarev' - the latest discussion on Kuraev's forum

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'Alas, the souls of our contemporaries are morbid to such an extent that the Lord tolerates strange adventures to make these souls move. It's Him who guides the man across this swampy soil. This swampy soil may be better than no ground at all under one's feet. But if you stop there it can swallow you up. Therefore, jumping from hillock to hillock, try to reach the mainland - the rock of the Church.' (c)

Dear Lazarev followers, don't stop on the swampy soil of the karmadiagnostic marsh. Try to reach the mainland.

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/Here we have got a similar note about 'The Diagnostics of Karma' by Lazarev. And again it is outside the framework of the Christianity, science, sound human reason and sound mind. You seeЕ Suppose a person believes an idea of karma. It's not a Christian idea, but let him, if he wants to. Basically, the idea of Karma may be interpreted in terms of moral benefit for man. If a person says, for example: "My illness is a result of such and such sins I've made in my previous incarnation". This explanation can be wrong - it is wrong from the Christian point of view, but it is still moral. But Lazarev is saying quite a different thing everywhere. "You are ill because your grandmother had made an abortion". I apologize, but it is called 'the sin of Ham' - spying upon one's parents sins, or even more - inventing them and imputing them to my parents for my illnesses nowadays./

Source: A printout of the answers to the questions from the audio lecture of the deacon A.Kuraev "On the Contribution of the Christianity to modern culture".(The deacon is a clergyman. Let me remind you that from Lazarev's point of view they are "the specialists in the domain of moral and spiritual work")

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"A premature striving to develop in oneself the feeling of love to God is already a state of self-delusion." St.Ignatiy Bryanchaninov

"Many ascetics mistook the common feeling of love for the love to God; they excited their blood and evoked their dreaminess. A state of excitement easily transforms into ecstasy. Those in the state of excitement and ecstasy were easily mistaken by many for the ones full of grace, but these miserable ones were only the victims of self-deception." Ignatiy Bryanchaninov, the bishop, vol.1, 'About Love to God, p.128


Why does the Church reject Lazarev & Co?

I was banned at Lazarev's forum / The Terminator... :))

I declare myself to be Laarev!

S.N. Lazarev About the Origins of his 'Divine'

Lazarev writes that Jesus Christ deserves a golden monument

Laposcopy. Rereading classics of karmizm - reincarnizm / A man wanted to repent

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Even Lazarev Sometimes Says Sensible Things!

'Tell me, says the patient, if all the men, as says the Bible will build the temple in their hearts, and not outside, may be very soon the religions will become unnecessary?'
'Tell me, please, do you know our legislation well enough?' I asked him.
'More or less', he shrugs his shoulders.
'But if you are to resolve a serious question, you won't decide it by yourself, will you? You'll turn to an experienced lawyer. The same way the priests are the specialists - in the field of moral and spiritual work.'

(The Diagnostics of Karma, book 3)

Guys, do you believe these words of Lazarev about priests as the specialists - in the field of moral and spiritual work. If you do, then, deciding a serious spiritual question - which way to get close to God, you apparently will not rely on your experience and knowledge, but turn to the specialists, i.e. the priests, for consultation, who, unlike Lazarev and lawyers do not take any money for that.

So, go to the nearest Orthodox temple (since Orthodoxy had proved its verity by thousands of years -Catholic and Protestant Churches are less than 1000 years old), ask for the most experienced priest there, show him the books of Lazarev and ask him a straightforward question of the kind: "Father, can I reach God relying upon these books?" I think you can guess what will say the _s p e c i a l i s t_ about these books and their author.

(≈сли же еще не догадываетесь, то можете здесь и здесь почитать, например.)


//A question: A part of the priests consider your doctrine to be devilish. There are many contradictions with Christianity: karma and the previous lives, the advice not to strive for the Christian ideals, rejection of the claims to oneself (absence of repentance), a program of self-destruction and so on. Any refutations?

The answer of Lazarev: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism also contradict to Christianity, since they assert the idea of reincarnation. But I would refrain from calling them heresies, all the more that they appeared before ChristianityЕ//(The DK-5)

Thus, S.N. Lazarev himself confirms that his system contradicts to Christianity (but he is not really upset about the fact). From this we can draw a conclusion that it's impossible to be both a Christian believer and a follower of Lazarev. When a Christian follows Lazarev s/he stops being Christian at the same time. It is possible to believe that Christianity and Lazarev's doctrine are compatible only by virtue of ignorance - because s/he knows little about both of them. If a person knows both these doctrines well and considers him/herself to be an adept of both, then s/he might have a split personality.

Dear Lazarev's followers, either you are ignorant or you are twice as many as you seem. :)

By the way, Christianity appeared long before the doctrine of Lazarev.


A problem:

"At the same time Christ said: "If somebody is destined to betray me, he is condemned to do it, but woe is the one who does it." - The DK-8 by Lazarev

Attention, a question: Where did Lazarev take these words from?
Of course we understand that Lazarev's followers love him not only for his religious ignorance and non-professionalismЕ But neverthelessЕ If Lazarev is unable to open a material "heavy-layer" Bible and to write out correctly the quotations into his Diagnostics, why do you consider him capable to give a correct judgment about 'subtle layers' and other spiritual problems? His position can be easily explained: 'Why bother myself? That will do for them!' But why do you let him feed you with all that stuff?


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