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For the following posting I was banned yesterday at the forum of Lazarev (the stuck moderator banned me because of the polemic helplessness - Lazarev followers could not raise any reasonable objections):

/Attempting as usual to get access to the spatial structures of the Universe and to find means of affecting them, suddenly I received the textual information: "If you leave the limits of 'the step space' the Universe will be destroyed". I could not find out who gave the information, and I don't know what is the 'step space'. But I stopped my research to be on the safe side./ TheDK2 p.8

/The Divine cannot lie. So Lazarev is able to destroy the Universe by his manipulations with its spatial structures! (Do you know how many millions of stars are there in our galaxy? And how many millions of galaxies are there in the Universe? The forces of gravitation could not destroy it for milliards of years, the black holes could not swallow it, until Sergey Nikolayevich walked once along the 'subtle layers' and nearly missed a step And it might have been the end of the Universe. Hollywood suggested in its movies innumerable variants of the Apocalypses, but in reality it might have been much more prosaic - Lazarev 'had missed a step').

Thus, Sergey Nikolayevich is a Terminator of the Universe - not like Arnold Schwartzenegger, in the meaning of 'to terminate' - 'to put an end'. The terminator of Arnold Schwartzenegger tried to kill (terminate) a single little boy while Lazarev is able to terminate or to put an end to the whole Universe. That's why Lazarev is a Universal Terminator. Beware of him!

You disagree? So you have to agree with the correct Christian point of view (since Christianity had proved its verity by thousands of years). The point is that only Satan - a father of lie - can send the information to 'Lazarevs'. So you can relax - Lazarev cannot really destroy the Universe, it is the devil that mocks him, and Lazarev listens his mouth wide open. The karma-corrector so strongly believes in his 'subtle layer viewing abilities' and his having relation to ' the Divine' that he doesn't understand mockery of his horned informers. Neither do his followers; otherwise they would stop being his followers./

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